How to crimp a network cable-How to Crimp Rj45 | Cat 5 | RJ45

Hey Everyone welcome to #UltimateHandyman. This video shows how to crimp a RJ45 plug onto the end of some Cat 5 network cable, this is useful if you want to install a video camera or a home network. Network sockets and patch leads are preferred but this video shows how to do it.
Hope you all enjoy this How to Crimp Rj45 cable video. There are two standards when wiring up network cables, T568A and T568B this requires that the wires be placed in different pin positions in the plug and sockets.
Pin number 1 is on the left of a RJ45 connector when the tab is facing down.

If you need to wire a network socket you can view that here-

1. Green and White
2. Green
3. Orange and White
4. Blue
5. Blue and White
6. Orange
7. Brown and White
8. Brown

1. Orange and White
2. Orange
3. Green and White
4. Blue
5. Blue and White
6. Green
7. Brown and White
8. Brown

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